URBAN CREEK is an explosive combination of high caliber Country Rock musicians which brings a unique unheard sound to the live music scene

Lead singer and rhythm guitarist CRAIG MCELHILL joined Urban Creek for a little while after gaining a vast experience touring with with Steve James Band.

CHRIS DEVOTI, the lead guitarist of the band and also backing vocalist studied Music Performance in France and in L.A. , California, before obtaining a 1st prize at the Guitar Institute of Technology in Los Angeles and Tokyo, Japan. After travelling around the globe as a session musician, Chris settled down in Scotland where he performed in many different bands with a wide range of styles, from Jazz to World Music but soon after fell in love with Country Rock and Bluegrass. Chris is renowned in his field and earned a reputation in playing in the Country and Country Rock scene closing many festivals throughpit the years. More details can be checked on

CIARAN WHYTE is an outstanding young talented drummer who newly joined Urban Creek. Influences go from Rock Metal to Country adding up to the unique sound of this band. Ciaran has done despite of his young age many tours around the UK and abroad with different bands in varied styles.
Important Notice: Ciaran is not the drummer performing on the webpage videos or tracks as he joined the band after those recordings were made.